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Articles On Forex Markets

Introduction to Forex Markets

There are various characteristics that are unique to the Forex market, and this article explains how they affect the trades that occur.

History of the Forex Market: The Gold Standard

Besides describing the gold standard, this article contrasts it with the modern system of freely floating currencies.

Bretton Woods Agreement and Smithsonian Agreement

This article tells the story of money throughout history. It clarifies how money came to be a freely floatable currency and, consequently, how Forex markets came into being.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Currency Pegs

The advantages and disadvantages of a fixed exchange rate regime are discussed in this article. Additionally, it provides examples of previous situations in which countries ' currency pegs either helped them or hurt them.

Common Terminologies Used in Forex Markets

The terms used most frequently in the forex market are listed in this article. For the same terms, it also offers a very simple explanation.

Forex Trading vs. Regular Trading

The special characteristics of the forex market are listed in this article. It discusses the risk-return profile of both Forex trading and trading other financial assets in light of these features.

Understanding the Trading Cycles in Forex Market

How trends impact the Forex market is discussed in this article. It explains how trends change in a specific way called trading cycles. Additionally, it offers suggestions for trading within each of these cycles.